About Us

Según Aribisala

Although, I have a dream of taking my farm business to the next level, I never thought of registering the farm as a corporate entity until I made the #SBS2017 winners list. Amidst the scarcity of resources to run my farm and increase its revenue came the Small Business Support Fund (#SBS2017) initiated by the leading light, Omojuwa JJ. I took advantage of it, followed the instruction religiously and came out as number 6 on the list of winners and that was what birthed AribisalaFarms today. Within that short period of winning #SBS2017, my minor farming business grew from a small semi-subsistence and part-commercial farm to a small independent specialized family farm run and managed as AribisalaFarms.

After Omojuwa disbursed the funds, in other to enhance my businesses’ professionalism and competitiveness, business continuity and a greater opportunity to access loans/grants, the first and foremost thing I did as a visionary entrepreneur, was to use the N60, 000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) grant gotten from the #SBS2017 in registering my farming business (ARIBISALA FARMS NIG. LTD) with the help of Mr. Ahmed Rufai Isah (@sir_Ruffy).

Now, there is a lot of goodwill attached to being on the #SBS2017 winners list; I got an expanse of land (1 Hectares) to grow Rice in Amo katako village, Bassa LGA, Plateau State. The donor was impressed that I was part of the #SBS2017 winners and gave me a discounted rate to use the land. Another Good Samaritan had pledged to help my company get an Exporting License, all in the name of being on the #SBS2017 winners list. I am a very proud winner and most grateful to Omojuwa JJ and all the donors.


Bashirah Ajao

I applied for #SBS2017 with a trial & error mindset because I had never entered for a contest online before then & was very surprised I topped the list when the result was released. 
I requested for & got #50,000 to brand my natural skincare products & buy raw materials. Upon getting it, I realised I wouldn’t get much done with that if I wanted quality branding, so I used #30,000 in purchasing some raw materials.
I changed my Business name from Natural & Herfrican to Sisi Herfrican (I wanted something more catchy), paid #10,000 to have my logo designed and used the remaining #10,000 to pay for the first 3 labels design & printing. I had just 3 products for sale then. I made sure to cut my expenses in every way possible e.g I sourced for printers myself, and cut the labels (1000+) myself (Paying to have them cut would have cost about #5000)
Over the months, I have reinvested all profits gotten and grown from 3 to 11 products, and still counting. Since then I haven’t looked back, the cash prize has helped push my brand forward & grow more everyday.
I learnt more about business ethics, crafted my niche and made sure to deliver value to my clients. Next on my list as at the time of this publication is to have my E-commerce website built. 
Sisi Herfrican looks forward to becoming an household name in Africa. IT’S TOO LATE TO BE A NOBODY.
Thank you, Japhet Omojuwa for giving small business owners this awesome opportunity. God Bless You.

Oluwaseun Alade

My name is Oluwaseun Alade and I am into pastries. I am a benefactor of #SBS2017. The scheme was and still is a huge blessing to me, because it came at a time when I needed it the most.

My business was not moving forward and I knew I needed funds to to be able to do that. #SBS2017 gave me the opportunity to do this. With the funds I honed my skill by enrolling for artistic cake design class at Kingsroyal cakes and foods, Akwa ibom. I get a certificate in completion of the course. I also bought tools ( cake pans of different sizes, piping nozzles, couplers, another, scrapper, measuring cups and spoons).

I also did some advertising by making posters. The scheme helped expand my customer base and fast forwarded my growth. I am immensely grateful. Thank you



I Stanley a Cobler owner of twitter acct @stan4shoe @stanley8705 is a beneficiary of the #SBS2017. The fund i got from #SBS2017 really helped my business a lot in the sense that most of the customers i meet online don’t want to pay before you deliver so i used the fund to buy materials so i will be able to do pay on delivery to some customers. so it really helped creating the trust and a good relationship with the customers i met online. the fund took my business to a different stage.

God bless @omojuwa for this great opportunity and to all who contributed may God enrich you greatly.

Damola Idowu

My business belongs to the tourism sector. Here in Nigeria, the sector is being faced with many challenges which hinder the overall experience of clients in general. When I was putting together my business idea, I was already thinking of how to solve one or more of these challenges. With the abundance of destinations, though, a few under developed, the difficulty that comes with identifying where to visit in Nigeria, booking for tours, keeping tabs on next scheduled tours, sharing your travel experiences, were just a few of the challenges I wanted to solve.

All these were not going to be possible without building a proper e-commerce website where people could catch up on next available tours, make payment for tours, write about tours and lots more. An e-commerce website wasn’t going to come cheap.

When I saw the opportunity to get funding from Japheth’s Small Business Support 2017 (SBS2017) initiative, I quickly jumped on it. The SBS2017 initiative provided me with a N100,000 which was channeled into building a functional e-commerce website which became a turning point in both my life and the existence of my business. It automatically put an end to cutting and pasting of account numbers, a lot of people took my business more seriously and that got me a lot of respect in the industry.

Now you can check out www.irinajo.ng ‘s next tours, make your bookings which will be seen from our dashboard and an email confirmation is sent to you. Also, you can now start paying in installments for trips you cannot afford at the moment. With the website which has a lot functions, my business now stands out as i keep striving to be a major player in Nigeria’s tourism space.


Adaeze Ifejilimalu

#SBS2017 was the first best thing that happened to me and my business this year and I am entirely grateful to Mr Omojuwa and his team for this initiative.
The 100,000 Vertex Events got was used basically to begin work on the website www.vertexeventsng.com and printing and buying of event materials and stationeries used for events like table stands for table names , tags for vendors and lapels for the team of hostesses and coordinators.

God bless @omojuwa for this great opportunity and to all who contributed may God enrich you greatly.